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Suspension Bridge crossing the canyon © Scott Kendall

About Our Readers

Our readers are middle to high income, highly educated travelers who are looking for a wide range of experiences when they travel. They are mostly highly educated singles, couples and families who are interested in outdoor adventures, history, food and wine, and unique experiences. The majority of PlayStayEat readers are from the United States and Canada and travel extensively throughout the United States and overseas, especially in Europe.

Our Philosophy

We want our readers to Travel Smart, Travel Fun! We help to inform our readers about the great places to play, stay and eat, and how to maximize their valuable time and money as they travel for fun, relaxing, stimulating, and educational experiences.

PlayStayEat readers learn more about great destinations so they can be inspired, informed, prepared, and excited about planning their next great adventure.

Boquillas Canyon Rio Grande through tree with yellow flowers © Scott Kendall

PlayStayEat Coverage and Readership

With our new interactive map, search the globe for your next destination. Use the Zoom + – to explore. Click on the red marker and then click on the link in the window to go to the corresponding article for stories, tips, and photos.

Primary Coverage

  • Overviews of destinations
  • Great places to Play
  • Great places to Stay
  • Great places to Eat
  • Food and Wine
  • Historical sites
  • Natural Wonders
  • Outdoor Adventures
  • European Travel
  • Highlights of destinations worldwide
  • Off the beaten path
  • Other tailored to client’s need

Readers and Viewers

Launched in January 2020, is rapidly growing and constantly looking for new ways to reach our audience.

Monthly Stats – March 2024

  • Page Views: 2,000
  • Social Media Outreach
  • 10,000 + followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn
  • Facebook Followers – over 5,000
  • Twitter Followers –  over 750     
  • Instagram Followers – over 1,300
  • YouTube Views – over 150,000 views
  • Pinterest – over 10,000 monthly viewers
Eiffel Tower glowing at night in the City of Light © Scott Kendall

Work With PlayStayEat

Let PlayStayEat create the ideal promotional program for your destination. Programs can be tailored to your specific needs, and can include some or all of the following services.

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